How To Set Up Your Wine Making Work Area

If you are a wine lover, then have you ever considered the option of making your very own wine? If not, then now might be a good time to look into that possibility. After all, making your own wine can be a very rewarding and fun experience. Of course, it does take some time for wine to ferment and age properly, so you should not expect to enjoy it right away. However, with just a little patience, you can enjoy Continue reading

How To Set Up Your Beer Making Work Area

Home and micro-brewers who may be interested in enjoying greater commercial success from their efforts would be wise to consider the many benefits that more effective advertising can bring. From events and publications that can showcase your beers to simple and effective marketing efforts that can build a larger customer base locally, there could be many ways for you to improve your sales and market your beer more effectively. Researching such concerns and finding the best Continue reading

Tools You Will Need For Making Your Own Wine

If you love wine, making your own batch at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. All you need to begin making your own brand of wine is a few inexpensive tools and a good amount of wine grapes. The first things on your list should be a large food-grade bucket or container that comes with a lid and several smaller glass jars or jugs for secondary fermentation. You will also need a funnel that can be used on top of your glass containers. Other supplies you will need to get include Continue reading

The Joys of Wine and Beer Making

Making beer and wine, much like art is…well, an art!

There is a process and a state of mind that goes into making the perfect homemade brew and often times you just want to lose yourself in your work. I know that, for me, when it comes to wine making, I need complete and absolute isolation. Since I got a security system through, I just fire up that sucker, lock the doors and head into the garage where I know I won’t be disturbed.

Among the advantages of making your own wine are the logistical benefits as well as the fact that you are making something almost anyone (of age, of course) can enjoy. It is cheaper to actually buy the things to make your own wine than it is to buy the high-end stuff in the stores and, who knows, you might even make something better.

Making your own wine is a skill and something that you can take pride in. It offers you a kind of ownership and sophistication that few hobbies can even hope to give. And about the only thing better than making your own wine is sharing it with those closest to you – or keeping it all for yourself.

Tools You Will Need For Making Your Own Beer

First thing you will need to make your first batch of home brew is time. As far as the tools you will need to make homemade beer you will probably be able to find some of them around your home. The things you cannot put your hands on you can buy at any home brew store or get online.

You will need a 5 gallon stainless steel pot to brew your wort in a five gallon bucket with a lid and a hole in it to ferment the beer in and a spigot to drain it out. You will need Continue reading

Where To Buy A Wine Making Kit

Wine making is an exciting hobby that will allow you to create delicious wines with fruits that grow in your own backyard. Wine making kits are available in many different varieties, brands and ease of use. You can find wine making kits online or your in a local department store.
Wine making kits can easily be found online by going to your favorite search engine website and typing in the keywords “wine making kits.” You will find a variety of different Continue reading

Where To Buy A Beer Making Kit

Every beer enthusiasts dreams about making their own special beer. Before now, making beer out of your own home was a difficult process, but with a beer making kit, it’s easy. Beer making kits are now available in almost every department store and can also be found online.
Beer making kits are largely available in your local department stores. They are usually found in the hobby section of the store. Beer making has become a hobby for the most extreme beer enthusiasts and so store often keep them stocked. There are a variety of Continue reading

How To Get Started With A Wine Making Kit

Before beginning you should read up on why fermentation fails. Being sanitary is one of the keys to good wine making at home. It is very important to keep fermentation temperatures stable between 70 to 75 degrees. The wine will be dry tasting when finished, if you prefer a sweeter wine, simply add sugar, honey, etc. to taste.

With that being said, choose your wine making kit Before beginning check the contents to be sure you have everything you will need. The entire wine process will Continue reading

How To Get Started With A Beer Making Kit

One of the most popular men’s gifts this past holiday season was the beer making kit for the do-it-yourself man. They sold out before the last day of the shopping season and men are making beer, enjoying a great brew with friends and learning what goes into making a great beer. Getting started with your beer making kit requires opening the box and reading the instructions. You need to follow every step in order to create a healthy and tasty treat for you and your friends.

Your kit will include the basic container of your beer flavor, starter chemical, Continue reading